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Weighing & Feeding

Satake Corporation produce a wide range of weighing machines for the accurate measurement of grain, rice, flour and other bulk powders. Satake weighers can be used to control flow in the mill. Satake also provide automatic grain packing machines, bagging machines and even vehicle weigh bridges.

SLS Loss in Weight Scale


The Satake SLS Loss In Weight Scale provides continuous weight measurement and control of material flow. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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STBS Twin Bulk Weigher

The Satake STBS Weigher is reliable compact machine of sanitary construction for extremely accurate weighing, process control and monitoring.

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HP15C Semi-Automatic Packer

The Satake HP15C Semi-Automatic Packer is a compact packer for ready-made individual bags. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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RDBS Bulk Scale

The Satake Bulk Scale provides continuous accurate measurement of grain/flour weight. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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SMFV & SMF Multi Flow Scale

The Satake Multi Flow Scales provide flow rate measurement and flow control, so they can operate as in-line check scales, or as feeding and blending devices. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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CR Automatic Grain Packer

The Satake Automatic Grain Packer is used for packing rice or other cereal grains for sale by the retail trade. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)