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Satake Europe Limited stock a comprehensive range of new roll chills for immediate delivery. Satake is the largest roll manufacturer in the UK, having the capacity to refurbish 4000 rolls and produce 1500 new rolls annually.fork truck.jpg (3039 bytes)

na00837_.wmf (13080 bytes)Worldwide Service

Wherever you are in the World our expertise and commitment is available and dependable.

Flexibility of production enables us to meet high demands of specification for cambered, tapered or chambered for water cooling applications.

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An Unrivalled Product Range
Chilled Iron Rolls are centrifugally cast and dynamically balanced for greater precision providing a consistent uniform hardness
C12 Roll is a high chrome alloy roll, giving and average life twice that of a standard cast iron roll. Reduced mill downtime for roll changing
Self Matting Rolls A special reduction roll. Material composition is formulated to maintain a heavier frosted finish

SATAKE CHILLED IRON ROLLS   plainrolls.gif (7443 bytes)

Chilled iron rolls are engineered to provide optimum milling performance and economic service life.


Centrifugally cast for even hardness and to provide a longer roll life between refluting 
Dynamically balanced to 700 rpm to ensure vibration free operation 
Roll spindles/journals are manufactured from high grade steel for accurate tolerances and improved fatigue resistance
Engineering expertise to produce rolls for all recognised Rollermills
Supplied finished ground smooth and frosted, or fluted to your requirements