NCG5a Colour Grader                                                       

Following in a long history of flour colour measuring instruments the NCG5a is the latest Satake machine to offer the unique capability of both a dry and wet sample presentation .  

Developed alongside Konica Minolta of Japan, the NCG5a analyser includes unique features not found in other flour colour measurement systems.  

This gives the unit the ability to be used for both the fundamental Tristimulus colour value as now used widely in Europe and Africa,  Asia and Australasia but also the capability to make a wet paste reading using the Kent Jones type colour scale. 

The unit comes with an internationally recognised calibration tile, meaning that a reading made on this machine in Europe should read the same (within a band of tolerance) as one used in Africa or any other part of the world - given the correct laboratory procedures are followed.



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Quick analysis of dry Tristimulus values - within a few seconds.


Built in TFT colour screen to give convenient stand alone operation.


No PC required for normal use .


Compatible with existing Spectramagix data management software (available as an optional extra)

Management control of Wet Paste Colour Grade calibration via coded USB key.


Usable with flour type materials via presentation Cell. 


Other particulates can be measured (eg bread crumb colour or other objects) via suitable receptacle. 



The tristumulus scale expands on the traditional Kent Jones colour scale by opening up the colour reading into 3 values covering the full colour spectrum as shown below.

The advantage of the tristimulus reading is that it is performed on a dry flour sample. This makes it very quick and less messy although cleanliness is a key to accurate operation.

L* equates to a measurement of sample lightness - and often used as a convenient reading for whiteness similar to the  Kent Jones colour but using a zero to 100 scale where 0 equates to absolute black and 100 pure white. 

Normal bread flours normally read in the 80 to 92 range,  80 being a brown flour 92 being a good patent flour.

a* gives measurement of the red to green scale of the colour spectrum, and in practice adds little about the flour colour measurement unless of course foreign impurities are detected.

b* on the other hand the yellow to blue marker -  adds a whole new area of information that was not possible in the Kent Jones scale, as practical experience has shown that  it adds direct information about the inclusion of bran contamination in the flour sample.

  Spectramagix Software (optional) 

The Spectramagix software is a special piece of data  management software that adds an extra layer of data archiving to the system.  It is familiar to existing users of the previous NCG1a analyser (now superseded by the NCG5a) and which is in operation all over the world.

The software allows for archiving and retrieval of data, as well as quickly customising data presentation screens to the customers own requirements. 




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