NCG1A Flour Colour Grader -Tristimulus Measurement

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The Satake NCG1A Flour Colour Grader is a high resolution visible-band spectrophotometer. This grader uses the TRISTIMULUS principle to give colour in terms of the L* a*b* values. For convenience the sample is normally  presented DRY giving fast readings (3seconds).

Also for legacy comparisons the unit has been fitted with the handy Kent Jones Colour Grade calibration reading - as derived from the L* a*b*  results. This Colour Grade reading is a quick check system with a typical accuracy of 0.5 kj units for wet sample presentation  - once set to customer reference values. Dry sample can however be used also with a with a slightly lower accuracy.

However sample should be presented using the traditional  wet paste method in this case for ultimate colour grade linearity.

Ash as a function of colour can also be displayed. 

As a general purpose colour meter the NCG1A can be used on other cereal products, and also carries calibrations for general colour measurment outside of the cereal uses.

The data processing and control of the NCG1A software is operated by a PC* running under Windows XP/Vista**. The NCG1A is easy to operate and is very user friendly.

*-PC Option **-Trademark of Microsoft Corp.




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