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DuroDrive Conversion

For an oil free operation on rollermills you can now specify the the SATAKE DuroDrive.

gear drive DuroDrive HTD Conversion
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The Satake DuroDrive Conversion has been developed to offer the proven Satake patented double sided toothed belt differential drive to users of the following Rollermills:

    MDDB/C fits within exisiting guards
    MEM Mark III, IV & VSEM
    G, H & J**

Benefits of DuroDrive Conversion:

    - Oil free operation
    - Faster roll changing
    - Lower maintenance costs
    - Quieter running
    - Proven reliability
    - Fits within existing guards

beltThe DuroDrive conversion can be fitted to each MEM or MDDK half stand and to the top and bottom halves of the MDDL Rollermill. It is an intrinsically simple and reliable design which has been verified during extensive independent mill trials.

two highThe double-sided, toothed high torque drive known as 'twin power' was originally developed and patented for the Type XK and SRMA Rollermills. Unlike gear and chain drives, the Satake DuroDrive runs without the need for oil bath lubrication, thus eliminating the risk of leaks and oil mist. The four pulley design reduces forces acting on the tensioning mechanism, improving reliability and maintainability.

pulleySatake engineers fit the DuroDrive conversion within one day. No additional space is required as the conversion fits within the original machine enclosure.

Differential ratios are available for break, reduction and sizing passages. The belt system eliminates the need for alternative gears to be used as the roll diameter decreases.

For more information, please contact our Customer Services Department.