Debranning / Degerming /Dehusking

Vertical Technology for White Bread Flour, Durum, Starch, Maize (Corn), Barley and Pulses

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VCW Debranning Machine

The new Satake Debranning Machine VCW is the heart of the PeriTec Process. In the first stage the bran is removed by controlled abrasion and in the second stage friction polishes the grain and removes any adhering bran fragments.

Debranning removes surfaces contaminants such as bacteria, mould and agricultural chemicals.

The PeriTec process, incorporating the Satake VCW Debranning Machine, provides products of superior quality at higher extraction rates, with less milling equipment on all wheat varieties. Moremore.gif (183 bytes)

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VBF Maize/Corn Degermer

The new Satake VBF series of vertical maize (corn) degerming machines incorporate the most advanced techniques and has proved to be superior to other machines in maize degerming mills throughout the world.
The versatility of the VBF for decorticating and degerming of all kernels makes it the ideal machine for modern maize mills. More
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Pulse and Cereal Dehuller / Dehusker Type VTA

The Satake Pulse Dehuller Type VTA is a high capacity machine designed for the removal of hulls and husks from a range of pulse and cereal products including peas, lentils, chickpeas and barley More more.gif (183 bytes)

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VBI Maize/Corn  Fractionator (bio fuels, ethanol)

The Satake Maize/Corn fractionator Type VBI is a high capacity low energy small footprint machine, designed to give highly efficient maize/corn fractionation capabilities More more.gif (183 bytes)

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Associated Debranning/Dehulling/Dehusking Equipment: 

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SHD Hydrator

The Satake Hydrator is an innovative grain tempering mixer designed to provide high levels of moisture addition in a single operation. The use of vibration to provide exceptional water dispersion is combined with slow stirring and a long dwell time to ensure absorption for up to 8% moisture. The Satake Hydrator is an integral part of the PeriTec Debranning Process Moremore.gif (183 bytes)

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STMA Tempering Mixer

The Satake Tempering Mixer STMA is a continuous mixer specifically designed to properly apply and distribute measure amounts of moisture uniformly to each and every kernel of grain. Fan shaped blades on a rotating shaft move the grain upward; altering the angle of the blades can set the conveying rate and grain depth. Any accidental overfeed of water would run back to a drain at the feed end and this will ensure that any excess water does not enter the wheat bin. Morebd14565_.gif (183 bytes)

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SWEC Water Panel

The SWEC Water Panel controls and monitors the flow rate of water using all electronic components. The main use is in the addition of water to wheat and other cereal grains before milling. 

Two model types are available: 

  1. Actual flow rate set in litres per minute
  2. Flow rate set as percentage of maximum

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