Satake's History

1896 Mr. Riichi Satake, the founder and first President, invents and initiates the production and sales of Japan's first power-driven rice milling machine.

1922 Satake develops an ultra-hard abrasive roll to mill a special variety of rice for brewing sake.

1925 Satake successfully produces high-speed milling machines using abrasive rolls.

1940 The second President Mr. Toshihiko Satake, publishes "The Theory of Rice Milling". This work is the basis from which the rice processing technology of today has evolved.

1944 Mr. Riichi Satake is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal for his inventions, which contributed to improving, rice milling. This is the first such award to anyone in the agricultural processing sector.

1950 Mr. Toshihiko Satake is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal for his achievements in inventing rice-milling machines.

1955 The Pearlmaster Rice Milling Machine is invented. Practically 100% of the mills in Japan adopted this machine. The Pearlmaster is the first rice-milling machine to be exported from post war Japan.

1956 The Company develops the One-pass Rice Milling Machine for use by farmers.

1957 The Company receives the agricultural equipment sector's first Good Design award "G mark" from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan.

1958 Mr. Riichi Satake is honoured with the Fourth Order of Merit for his achievements in promoting the advancement of science and technology.

1962 The Satake compass Rice Milling System enables the Japanese government to implement its plans for centralised large-scale rice milling facilities. As a result of the government's endorsement, the Satake Compass became the rice milling system for the majority of rice mills in Japan.

1963 The Satake Compass Rice Milling System is supplied to all 30 of the plants designated by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan as model rice milling facilities.

1964 The first three country elevators in Japan are designed and built by Satake. These became model plants for the agriculture sector.

1965 Satake introduces the direct motor-driven One-pass Rice Milling Machine for small farmers.

1966 The Company develops the tempering dryer that dries rice up to ten times faster than previous dryers.

1968 Tohoku Satake Co. Ltd. is established in northern Japan.

1969 The Company promulgates its motto.

1971 Satake launches the small-scale rice grading machine for farm use.

1974 The Rice Master, the first husker with an oscillating separator, ushers in a new era for husking.

1978 Satake USA Inc. is established in Houston.

1982 Mr. Toshihiko Satake is honoured with the Third Order of Merit for his achievements in promoting the advancement of science and technology.

1984 The Satake Technical Foundation is established.

1986 Satake develops the world's first rice taste analysis instrument, the Taste Analyser.

1988 Mr. Toshihiko Satake is awarded a Doctorate of Agriculture from the University of Tokyo.

1989 Satake unveils the world's first high starting torque with low stating current, three-phase, alternating current motor.

1990 Satake Research Institute is established in Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

1991 The third President, Mr. Robert S. Satake receives a commendation award from the Minister of State of Science and Technology Agency.

Satake UK Ltd. is established through the acquisition of Robinson/Simon to secure a foothold in the EU market for flour milling.

1992 ESM International Inc. is acquired in Houston along with its subsidiary ESM (UK) Ltd.

1993 Dr. Toshihiko Satake is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Agriculture from the University of Tokyo Agriculture Division.

1994 Their Imperial Highness Prince and Princess Hitachi honour Satake by their visit to the company's Hiroshima headquarters.

The Company begins the sponsorship of the Satake Japan Classic Golf Tournament, an event of the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association.

1995 Dr. Toshihiko Satake is awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Hiroshima University.

The Magic Rice, a consumer's quick cooking rice, is introduced into the market.

1996 The Satake Centre for Grain Process Engineering is established.

Mr. Robert S. Satake is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in the U.K.

A new food product "Cup Rice" is marketed.

The centenary of the founding of the company is celebrated.

1998 Satake Corporation UK Division is formed at new premises in Bredbury, Stockport, in Greater Manchester.

Satake Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. opens in China as a wholly owned subsidiary company.

2000 Dr. Robert S. Satake is awarded a doctorate by the University of Tokyo for his research work in rice colour sorting equipment.

2000 Dr. Robert Satoru Satake, chairman and president, died on November 13th at the age of 75 after a long and distinguished career with the company.



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