Research and Development

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Satake sees its investment in research and development as the driving force behind the Company's success. Over 300 engineers conduct research at the R&D Division in Hiroshima. The Company holds over 2,200 patents.

In autumn of 1994, the President of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, His Imperial Highness Prince Hitachi and Her Imperial Highness Princess Hanako, honoured Satake by a visit in which the Company was able to present its leading edge technology products reflecting the Company's focus on R&D programs.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an important tool in the development of new products. In western Japan, Satake was the first company to use CAD that produced three dimensional, colour drawings. This enables designers to obtain a fuller comprehension of designs and to conduct a thorough check of new designs.

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Satake aims to further develop its global business and strengthen its world-wide research system. The Company has also set up research and development facilities in Manchester, U.K. The Company now has a strong research network that can pool together the best in know-how from Japan, U.S.A. and Europe.

To conduct research and development of flour milling equipment, the Company has built its own commercial-scale research mill which demonstrates its commitment to achieving success in this field.

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