The Ultimate Solution in High Capacity, High Efficiency, Foreign Material Sorting 


- The UltraScan utilises both visible and infrared spectrums to target all types of foreign material and colour defects. 

- The UltraScan uses a newly developed and more powerful version of Satake's proprietary Infrared and Visible cameras. 

- This sorting platform is combined with a unique high intensity halogen illumination system to maximise sorting efficiency.

- High capacity, patented, large product chutes allow for sorting rates of up to 11 tonnes per hour. 

- Multilingual colour touch screen with Windows XP for easy set up and operation. 

- Local technical support from 10 Satake group companies and agents in strategic worldwide locations. 


Typical Sorting Capacities - Kg per hour PER CHUTE
Model  Almonds Walnut Pecan Hazelnuts Peanuts Pistachio
US 8 Whole Kernel
230 small
450 medium
500 large
360 halves
680 - 910
Whole Kernel
Whole Kernel
1020 - 1250

+ Re-sort option capability available where 1, 2 or 3 out of the 8 chutes can be used for simultaneous re-sorting of rejected products from the first pass.


Technical Specification
Model   US 8
Number of Chutes   8
Width mm 1877
Depth mm 1362
Height mm 2045
Weight kg 682
Required Power for Sorter  VAC 210-250V/1-Phase/50-60Hz 3.0KVA
Required Power for Air Conditioner VAC 210-250V/1-Phase/50-60Hz 1.5KVA
Air Supply (depending on defect level)   1.7 m3/minute

Download Datasheet (Acrobat pdf)







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